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A very special place....

Molly's Farm is a small and friendly pre-school for children aged 1-5 years.  We are located a few kilometers south of Uppsala in the center of the peaceful Sunnersta neighborhood.

We like to think we differ, in a positive way, from other pre-schools.
Hosting a maximum of 30 children, we value a close interaction between ourselves and all parents.  Throughout the year, we arrange numerous social get-togethers for families and friends.
We value learning.  In everything we do, we seek to encourage and cultivate our children's eagerness to learn. When leaving Molly's, many of our children are able to read and do simple math. We see no downside in learning basic skills, even at younger ages.

We also strongly emphasize culture (music, dance, drama, theatre). After a few terms at Molly's, our children will beat most parents when it comes to knowing the story-line and musical themes of many classical operas. Every year, our 5-year-olds take a field trip to the Royal Opera in Stockholm to watch a classical play. This experience is much appreciated, especially by any parent who accompanies their child on the trip.

We also hold our traditions in high regard. We enjoy observing traditional Swedish ceremonies such as the Lucia-celebration.  We are also eager to acquire and accommodate new traditions from other cultures.  Many of our children are a part of families that come from a vast range of countries and have thus contributed to the rich repertoire of traditions at Molly's. For example, many years ago, a Dutch family introduced us to the version of Santa Claus called St Nicholas.  That tradition has stuck with us ever since!

Finally, we also think food and eating is a central part of our lives. We feel that children should learn to appreciate the social event that a meal represents.  We also believe that the food itself is extremely important. We cater our meals from Happy Food-  (www.happyfood.se/) - and the kids love the food. And yes, occasionally, we enjoy normal pancakes too!

If you are looking for a special place for your children, whether or not you are in Uppsala permanently or just for a year, we would like to welcome you to Molly's Farm. Give us a call, and we'll arrange a visit for you.

We welcome you!